dinsdag 29 maart 2011

New List of scammers!

Here is a list of new scammers and more details from previous scammers :

- Goldmine Company ltd Accra CEO Peter Frimpong agent Adusei Martin
- Defco Investments Ltd Accra ceo Abdul Rashid
- Tri-K Company ltd Ghana Terry Kwam
- Sikasso Gold Mining Villagers, Bamako Mali, Mr Issa Doumya Samake
- Asanka Gold Mining Company ltd Accra
- Muller Gold Company
- Gold Trading Ltd Mali, Braissant Louis
- Barcoken Mining Co ltd
- Yanfolia Gold Mines
- Raicom Metals sarl
- Europa Pee Company Ltd
- Daikite Camara, Conakry
- Kwesi Family by Peter Kwesi
- Global Mines Ltd
And there will follow more and more! We must destroy them!!!!!!

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